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Don’t let your world come to a screeching halt

If you have been charged with DWI or DUI or have been issued a summons for a traffic offense, let the Law Offices of Doug Weatherley take on your case and save your license and dignity.

Protect your right to drive a car

    • Traffic tickets

    • Suspended licenses

    • Barred licenses

    • DWI offenses

    • DUI offenses

    • Hefty fines

    • Conditional license

Protect your license

Initial consultation

There is nothing more nerve racking than having to appear in court.  You

need an experienced attorney’s support when you must go in front

of a judge.

Don’t just show up to court without an attorney.  There are many aspects of traffic law that you may not understand

Call today for a FREE initial consultation about your DWI or traffic offense

You need an aggressive attorney to fight in your corner to maintain your innocence and possibly lighten the fines you face.  


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Maintain your legal ability to drive